Never Thought I Would Say It, DONE WITH FORD!!!!

If you own a Ford, you can’t afFORD not to read this!

(Read Play by Play for all the juicy details!)

Super Duty? 69000 miles?  DOA? Super Duty is not the term I would use…….

File Feb 08, 7 39 45 AMI have been the proud owner of a Ford Truck since I was 18 years old (I am 57 now).  My first Ford was an F-100 that I bought from my Grandfather.  Since then I have never looked back (until just the other day).  Until recently, I have been a staunch defender of Ford products.  I would stand and argue with anyone regarding the merits of Ford and how their quality clearly out shone the competition.  For my reward, I feel as though Ford has kicked me, punched me and generally taken the wind from my sails.

I have owned a variety of Ford trucks since my first F-100, with my latest truck being a 2008 F-250 diesel purchased new from North Point Ford in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  For anyone who has looked at new Ford F-250’s you know that this was not an inexpensive acquisition.  Considering my past history with Ford trucks, I believed with all my heart that Ford was a quality product and would stand behind their products and that this truck would be with me for several years and more than adequately serve my meager needs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I tend to baby my vehicles and avoid circumstances that would damage or put the vehicle in any jeopardy of damage.

(As a comparison, I have a 1997 Toyota 4Runner with 229,000 miles on it. It has only been in the shop 1 time for a leaky axle seal and that was at 210,000 miles.  Ford, maybe you need to go to Toyota school for a while!) 

My 2008 has been 100% dealer serviced with the oil being changed every 5000 miles.  Every 5000 miles I would visit my dealer and depended on the Service folks to tell me what was needed on the vehicle (anything that was due to be replaced, changed as per the maintenance schedule).  During the warranty period, there were a few things that occurred with the vehicle:

  • 02/12/2014 @ 51,261 miles – Vehicle went into Limp Mode, EGR Valve and Housing was replaced.
  • 03/27/2014 @ 52,290 miles – A/C would not cool.  Freon and Dye added.
  • 05/14/2014 @ 53,253 miles – A/C would not cool.  Replaced A/C compressor.
  • 06/16/2014 @ 54,022 miles – A/C would not cool.  Replaced High Side Shraider Valve.
  • 07/30/2014 @ 55,170 miles – Vehicle died, Blown fuse #32.  Fuel Pump was replaced.

All of the above was warranty work.  Now (wait for it!)…..

  • 1/12/2016 @ 69,610 miles – Vehicle dies on the freeway (I-430 to be precise).  Will not start.
    • Ford tells me the Fuel Pump is again faulty and the entire fuel system needs to be replaced for a small fee of $12,119.38.

After doing a little internet research (links provided on Links Page) and speaking with a factory trained Ford mechanic (not associated with North Point Ford), I have come to the conclusion that this is a very common problem with Ford Diesel trucks.  Make up your own mind, however, this looks like a serious design flaw that Ford does everything they can to avoid responsibility for this problem.  It seems that the slightest amount of moisture that may find it’s way into the fuel (whether introduced in the fuel or simply condensation in the tank) will cause the HPFP to self-destruct, throw metal shavings all throughout the fuel system, causing rust to appear on the fuel filters, resulting in a cost of $12,119.38 to repair…..  At one point I read that GM and Dodge was having similar issues, however, they are accepting responsibility and taking care of the repairs.  Additionally, I saw mention that Volkswagon is using the same HPFP with their diesel vehicles and guess what,  same problem.  So it appears that either the pumps are clearly not correctly designed and or the vehicles are lacking proper fuel/water separation mechanisms.

At the time of this writing, the vehicle still has not been repaired.  Please follow along in the postings to see a play by play of this entire episode.

As I mentioned above, I tend to take care of my vehicles.  The body on this F-250 is in immaculate condition.  The interior is also in immaculate condition.  Relatively new tires with lots of tread.  With only 69,610 miles on the vehicle I had expected this vehicle to be a great truck for a few more years.  I was actually very proud of this truck.  Loved the way it drove, loved the way it looked and certainly loved the power (when it was running!). Considering Ford’s response to this situation so far, it appears that I may have the truck in my possession for a few years, however, it is too big to be a boat anchor.  I could park it in the back yard and make a dog house out of it…. I find it very difficult to put over $12,000 into a vehicle with an obvious design flaw that most likely will happen again.  I could put it up for sale:  Very Clean Ford F-250!  Only 69,610 miles! Cheap!  Just don’t ask to test drive it!

READ PLAY BY PLAY– All the particulars of this ordeal!